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Dembal Nigeria Limited is a privately owned business with over 20 years experience in the sale and distribution of F.G Wilson Generators. The Company which is well funded and managed by highly skilled, well trained and motivated Nigerian and expatriate staff has for long remained the preferred choice of discerning clients for the supply and installation of electricity generating sets and power solutions in Nigeria and West Africa. Dembal has remained an active player in the Power Generating Sets market through insistence on honesty, integrity and ethical business practices whilst delivering products and services that meet international standards. With our rapidly expanding modern extensive service department and highly improved sales presence throughout the Country the Company is well positioned to meet the needs of our numerous clients.

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Dembal Generators (always a Progress Group Partner) is a rapidly expanding organization with huge resources behind it. It is our intention to provide the customer with an unbeatable service with prices that are extremely competitive. We are confident in our ability to meet customer requirements with affordable prices and quality service delivery. Our generators range from 12.5KVA – 2,500KVA, specifically designed to offer optimum performance, durability and serviceability to meet your power needs. We currently operate out of six regional offices, Oregun – Ikeja (Lagos West), Abuja (North) Kano, Kaduna, Uyo Port Harcourt (East/South – South) with service agents scattered all over Nigeria for adequate product support. Our customer profile cut across all sphere of Nigeria markets and we have been supplying to various organizations and individuals as far back as 1988. Our customer profile is attached for appraisal.


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