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Supply and installation of F.G Wilson Generators

We specialize in the supply, installation and after product support of F.G Wilson Generator from 12.5KVA2,500KVA.
Our Head office is in Ikeja Lagos with branches in Abuja and Port Harcourt. Our partnership with F.G Wilson has developed greatly over the years and are recognized as official dealer of F.G Wilson product in Nigeria in partnership with Progress Group UK (largest stockiest of F.G Wilson generators worldwide). This has also come with full technical and logistics support from F.G Wilson, the largest manufactures of power generators worldwide.

Engineering support

At Dembal Generators, our team of professional Engineers will provide solution to your power needs through specific products and services that meet your most challenging and complex power requirements.
In addition, our team of professional engineers provide a 24 hour engineering products and technical back-up and support in the case of break-downs and their wealth of knowledge and experience is second to none in the industry.

After sale support

From installation to service and generator parts support, our team of professionals, will also assist in routine maintenance of your generating set, through our highly skilled service support engineers.

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